Yandere Ralsei X Reader

Yandere Ralsei X Reader. Ralsei (deltarune) & reader ralsei (deltarune) kris (deltarune) susie (deltarune) fluff literally fluff hugs female reader nonbinary kris (deltarune) you hug a fluffy boy hurt/comfort cuddling spoilers developing friendships kris and susie are only mentioned can be platonic or romantic up to you! Had you chose to turn your back, susie would feel relief.

Deltarune x Reader Oneshots ♡ (Request Are Close ) 《Enjoy Yourself
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Whilst ralsei could move on and susie forget, it was different for both kris and yourself. Reader) december 18, 2018 fanfiction you were a lonely deer monster. Jevil appearing in this episode!what jevil do to ralsei behind the cell?

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He looked at his sword, it shining in the tree's light. It was in your blood. Reader) oneshot 4 hours ago thatwriterquo

You And Your Oldest And Closest Friend Noelle Find Some Time Alone, And With It, An Opportunity To Play With A Very Soft, Fluffy, And Sensitive Part Of Her Body.

Ralseixreader # 13 ralsei x reader | deltarune by sodakatze 2.1k 100 12 as ralsei took off his hat and said his goodbyes to kris and susie, he hoped he would see them again soon. 15 hey, sorry i wandered off you two. Written for a group of noelle enjoyers on a different site.

Presented In Original 2Nd Person Greentext Format.

King of hearts reader king of spades mad hatter white rabbit | anime/manga fanfiction romance alice the hare yanderes yanderes x reader yandere x reader. And my piece moves to. The rainbow that was emitted by asriel and the human souls disappeared.

Ralsei Blushed And Cover His Face With His Hands.

Suddenly a faint outline of a figure began to appear before you. You have power to control tired people's feelings, unless you're tried, or the enemy is too strong. Curiously (y/n) opened it, revealing a small white bow.

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Ralsei has issues heart to heart conversations An heaven kiss (kris x abused!male!reader) just funny (slightly yandere jevil x reader) damaged (yandere! Because (to him) your choices matter.