Tuna Size Comparison

Tuna Size Comparison. Their stock status, the product characteristics, sizes, weight, catching areas, basically there isn’t much that you cannot find here. Bluefin has a shorter pectoral fin, while yellowfin has a relatively long pectoral fin.

Factsheet Skipjack Tuna Katsuwonus pelamis
Factsheet Skipjack Tuna Katsuwonus pelamis from biodiversityadvisor.sanbi.org

A yellowfin's liver is smooth. 30 kg for a length of approximately 120 cm) whereas it takes 9 years in the west atlantic (i.e. Their meat holds together nicely, which makes them a good choice for grilling, as well.

Slender Tuna Are Small In Size, Measuring 3 Feet In Length And 25 Pounds In Size On Average.

The biggest bluefin tuna ever caught was 1496 pounds (780kg). In the mediterranean, it is adult at the age of 4 years (i.e. The atlantic or northern bluefin tuna,.

Bigeye Grow To More Than 400 Pounds

As the name suggests, this fish likes to jump and skip over the surface of the ocean and is also is known as arctic bonito or aku. When compared to the size of the tuna, bluefin has the upper hand due to its bigger size, while yellowfin is much smaller when compared. The best way to tell the difference, however, is to look at the liver, which in a bigeye is striated.

Relative Sizes Of Various Tunas, With The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Top) At About 8 Ft (2.4 M) In This Sample The True Tunas Are Those That Belong To The Genus Thunnus.

Skipjack tuna is an affordable variety that is usually canned as light chunk tuna. Tuna species guide in this extensive guide you will find all relevant information with regard to all major tuna species. This fish can live up to thirteen years of age.

Albacore Tuna This Tuna Fish Has Maximum Of One Point Four Meter Length With One Hundred And Thirty Three Lbs Maximum Weight.

Albacore tuna have the longest pectoral fins of any tuna, a distinguishing attribute to set it apart from. Bluefins can grow up to 1000 pounds (500kg). Meat color the tail cut is red but may be slightly discolored near the skin.

Size And Shape The Size And Shape Should Resemble #1.

It can be very difficult to tell the difference between the bigeye and yellowfin tuna. Black skipjack tuna unlike traditional skipjack tuna, black skipjack tuna is a very bony fish. Both of them are different in colors.