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The Thinker Dc. After being struck by the s.t.a.r. This article is about the incarnation of the thinker from the dc extended universe.

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The thinker was created by gardner fox and everett e. Labs particle accelerator while wearing his thinking cap, devoe's already high mental capacities were enhanced to superhuman levels. Six months since the flash's departure from central city, he began putting his plans into motion, manipulating team flash into opening a portal that would free barry and unbeknownst to them, bestow meta.

Cliff Carmichael Later Used The Device And Became An Enemy To Firestorm.

Clifford devoe was created by gardner fox and e.e. He later appeared at a bar in central city laughing at something with doctor alchemy. They are primarily enemies of the superhero known as the flash.

A Genius Scientist Whose Bald Head Houses An Assortment Of Protruding Machines, The Thinker Has Made It His Life's Work To Push His Scientific Experiments To The Limit, Despite The Potential Effect On.

He used to him throughout school life and even in the university. Dc is home to the world's greatest super heroes,” including superman, batman, wonder woman, green lantern, the flash, aquaman and more. I believe you used to know me as cliff devoe, the thinkerthe thinker the thinker is a supervillain from dc comics.

Barry Allen Made His Debut Appearance On Arrow A Year Before His Own Eponymous Show Launched.

He was a failed lawyer that realized many criminals lacked the. The thinker was a flash rogue and a member of grodd's legion of doom. 8 appearances of thinker ii (prime earth) 1 images featuring thinker ii.

However, In The Prime Earth Continuity, The Thinker First Appeared As Part Of The New 52 Dc Universe In Suicide Squad (Volume 4) #24 By Matt Kindt And Patrick Zircher.

While gaius visually resembles thinker ii from dc's new 52 reboot, this is largely where the similarities cease. Desmond connor also used the name as an enemy to batman. Capaldi appears poised to play the first and most famous thinker, a man by the name of clifford devoe.

After Being Struck By The S.t.a.r.

The thinker is the alias of four villains from dc comics. The beginnings of the thinker. The thinker was present when luthor was given a tour of the legion of doom base.