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Sword Coast Map High Res. Sword coast map 5e high res. All my research provides me is with the 4e version and 3e version.

Map Of Sword Coast 5e Maps For You
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Forgotten realms (faerun, sword coast) interactive map. Get more informations by clicking an area or a mark on the map, or enter a name. Sword coast map high res.

Get More Informations By Clicking An Area Or A Mark On The Map, Or Enter A Name.

I agree, i would really like to see a detailed map of the entire continent. Click for full size image, or right click and save. Here’s the low res version and below are links for medium and high res versions.

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I also managed to get the file size down from some 130 mb to about 30 for the high resolution maps, and about 8.4 mb for the low resolution maps, which should now work a bit better with roll20 (please let me know if it doesn't). Heartlands is the area stretching from waterdeep in the northwest to the cloud peaks in the south, and from orlumbor and mintarn in the west to earthfast mountains and pirate islands in the east, including cormyr, sembia, dalelands, the moonsea region, the west heartlands and high moor). All my research provides me is with the 4e version and 3e version.

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R1nk has uploaded 33 photos to flickr. Sword coast map 5e high res. For a preview of what's included, take a look at the full map set.

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(i know some rivers aren't perfect but i did my best without redrawing things haha) (this version is med res, high res is through deviant art link.) That's 141 x 91 inches. The map extends from the endless ice sea and the spine of the world in the north including icewind dale, mirabar, and luskan.

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We identified it from reliable source. Neverwinter was regarded by volo as the most cosmopolitan and. This map features in the sword coast adventurer’s guide, which describes the locations on the map in greater detail.