Shadramon. You need to buy saber fang at the mirage tower in the am server. Explore wikis universal conquest wiki.

Digimon Evolution Tentomon (Shadramon) by kentZamin on DeviantArt
Digimon Evolution Tentomon (Shadramon) by kentZamin on DeviantArt from

Seadramon is a sea animal digimon. A fusion of power and technique! This page contains digimon world:

Seadramon Is A Sea Animal Digimon.

Shadramon is behind the statue that is near the steps to the protocol ruins. Talk (0) it's too bad we never see this in the anime. If it's for agumon then go to the am dum dum factory and you'll find shadramon in the sewers.

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It gets an extra point entirely for being a bad butterfly. He will make the level 2 weapon called vanquish. Hal ini menyebabkannya menjadi makhluk yang jahat, bahkan dikatakan shadramon adalah armor digimon yang seperti iblis!

It Has A Long, Serpentine Body, Which It Uses To Wreathe Itself Around Enemies That Are Coming To Attack, And Constrict Until The Enemy Suffocates.

Attacks ice blast (ice arrow): If you discard 2 cards from your hand, your attack doubles (max. Explore wikis universal conquest wiki.

He Has Strong Flame Attacks, He Has A Wicked Nature And Has Combat Efficiency Equal To Flamedramon.

An extremely wicked digimon that is the most evil among dragon digimon. Shadramon said flying towards the dark ring on monochromon. Naturally, it doesn't have intelligence or speech, and it swims around the net ocean leisurely according to its instincts.

For Guilmon Shadramon Is At Am Shell Beach.

For agumon, find shadramon in the sewers below the dum dum factory. However, when i go to the sewers of am dum dum factory, shadramon is nowhere to be seen. Shademon is a digimon used by dark knightmon in his attempt at obtaining ultimate power by gaining the darkness loader.his original plan was to forcefully fuse shademon with amano kotone, but nene interfered and fused with shademon instead.