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Safehold Map. A safehold year is approximately 0.9 times the length of an earth year. This new map incorporates regional maps for stories dated ca.

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Safehold is a science fiction book series by david weber, currently consisting of nine titles, the latest released in october 2016. Inside the shrine are 772 arbalstone statues, each representing one of the lost knights and their chapter master, artor amhrad. Tavnazian safehold/maps < tavnazian safehold.

In The Name Of Science:

(iirc, he 'created' it before empire from the ashes/dahak series, but it wasn't picked up, which is why we get a 'condensed' safehold in the '3rd part' of the dahak series.) since its an old series, the map was created using very old software. In the elfstones of shannara, wil ohmsford and amberle elessedil travel to safehold in search of the bloodfire which lies within it. It is located beneath spire's reach within the hollows of the wilderun.

Hiyas, I Believe Himself Said That He 'Had' Created A Map, But Obviously Safehold Is A Very Old Series.

If you can zoom in tightly enough in some places, you'll actually see shoals and clear channels for some of the major ports indicated on the map, and more such detail will be added as time goes along. Although the temple lands are shown at a rather low resolution, saram bay, the northern front, gorath bay and dohlar are at a much higher resolution. This is a list of map images, mainly taken from the maps in the novels and the map of the planet safehold available online.

Version 2 Of The Safehold Addon Provides A Much Higher Resolution Map Than The Original Version.

View source history talk (0) watch 02:26. It would be my aim to eventually consolidate them here in one large post that could be augmented/updated from time to time and also to share them with the safehold wiki. Press j to jump to the feed.

Some Cities, Those On Weber's Safehold Map, Are In Place.

The map features both a large, open outdoor section and a sizable underground portion made up primarily of service tunnels. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Safehold is a science fiction book series by david weber, currently consisting of ten titles, the latest released in january 2019.

The Map Is Huge 360X360.

If you have safehold maps, links to safehold maps or if you know someone that does, i encourage that they be posted here as replies. The map as of by schism rent asunder. A person who is 20 safehold years old is 18 earth years old.