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Reverend Insanity Wiki. In the realm of mortals, they are practically legends, but if one were to appear and this information made public, the resulting 'war' of mortal gu masters and their clans/sect/tribes would cause a huge massacre. The second aperture (immortal aperture) of fang yuan's original body has disintegrated completely.

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It size was over fifty million kilometers wide, and having primeval energy extremely rich in the air. After he achieved rank 9 cultivation by passing the black fire heavenly blockade,. Return to hu immortal blessed land ch.

Former Days Are But An Old Dream, An Identical Name Is Made Anew.

You may call him a villain or stay neutral. Progression fantasy martial memes novel translations. Those with no cultivation talent are bound to stay as mortals, the lowest level in the society, who could be trampled upon and toyed with.

Reverend Insanity Description Humans Are The Spirit Of All Living Beings, Gu* Are The Essence Of Heaven And Earth.

For the cultivation of his split souls please head here. In the reverend insanity novel, you will follow the life of fang yuan as he time travels into the past. The story of a time traveler who keeps on being reborn.

In The Reverend Insanity, You Will Find A World That Is Strange And Unconventional In Many Ways At Multiple Levels.

Fang yuan is the protagonist of reverend insanity and a rank 7 transformers gu master. Posts wiki discord novel recommendation. Because him needs it to cultivate faster.

But All Of Them Died.

Zhao lian yun is an otherworldly demon, a gu immortal of central continent, and the newest generation fairy of spirit affinity house. Why is everyon mean ;_; Rank 5 gu master ( purple crystal) 36.

The Insect Goes By Many Names And Forms.

Continuously days of cultivating, fang yuan's second aperture had grown to this stage. Solracmar, darkschneider, despair of death and 2 others like this. In comparison to humans most beasts have a powerful physique, greater vitality, regenerative abilities, strength, and are able to form symbiotic relationships with gu.