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Notes Harmonica C. For instance, a player would refer to the a at the sixth hole as a “hole 6 draw,”. In fact, the c scale and the g scale only have one note different, the f#.

Cinnamon blog harmonica notes
Cinnamon blog harmonica notes from

Great help as i bought a very cheap tremolo c harmonica just to see if it was. Adapted from blues and rock harmonica by glenn weiser. For instance, a player would refer to the a at the sixth hole as a “hole 6 draw,”.

The C Note Is The Central Pitch, The Natural Tonic.

Therefore, this harmonica can be said to be tuned in c major. C harmonica in 2nd position (key of g) lesson focus: It should sound familiar, and is the “do re me fa so la ti do” which many learnt at school.

Harmonica Bending Charts For All 12 Keys.

You can use third position to play a blues scale or a dorian minor. These are the basic notes for a diatonic harmonica in the key of c. So, all the blow notes on a c harmonica come from the c chord.

Great Help As I Bought A Very Cheap Tremolo C Harmonica Just To See If It Was.

Play all the notes (remember f# is the same as gb). As a mnemonic i think of the word keg (as in a beer keg). Holes 4 to 7, the easiest notes to play.

Note Bending Is A Technique Used To Change The Pitch Of A Note And So Reach Notes That Are Not On A Diatonic Harmonica, For Example, If You Take The Fourth Hole On A Key C Harmonica, The Blow.

It is the c major scale, played on a c harmonica. The chords you can play, and the notes you must play simultaneously in order to sound them, are: Similarly, the draw notes on holes 1.

We’re Back With C Harmonica Notes.

If you have an a harmonica, then start with blues harmonica. Pretty easy to remember that. The charts below will show you all the bent and unbent notes on all twelve major key harmonicas (not.