Korean Purple Rice

Korean Purple Rice. Unless you’ve purchased prewashed rice, make sure to rinse purple rice three to four times in cool water before you use it. Rice translates into “ssal (쌀)” in korean.

Multigrain Rice (Japgokbap) recipe
Multigrain Rice (Japgokbap) recipe from www.maangchi.com

But once cooked, it will have a completely new name; Leave the covered pot undisturbed for. What is korean purple rice?

Purple Rice, Or Heukmi Bap In Korean, Is A Type Of Rice That Has A Blend Of Black And White Rice That Turns To A Vibrant Lavender After It’s Cooked.

But why do some people refer it as purple rice instead of black rice? Depending on how much you add, it will change how light or how deep the purple color is. Korean purple rice is cooked korean rice that has a purple hue.

Purple Rice Is An Heirloom Variety Of Rice, Indigenous To Asia.

Bap also has a meaning of a “meal” and it often becomes a tool for socializing. Black rice is not actually black but deep purple/scarlet and is glutinous. As you might have guessed by the name, the cooked rice has a purple hue from the small amount of black rice.

Researchers In South Korea Found That Women Who Replaced White Rice With A Mixture Of Brown And Purple Rice Saw A Significant Reduction In Body Fat And Weight.

It can be found in all korean and some other asian grocery stores. Purple rice's color is created by a flavonoid called anthocyanin pigment. In korean, purple rice is 흑미밥 (heuk mi bap).

Purple Rice Gets Its Color From.

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The Korean Word For This Rice Is “ Heukmi Bap.”.

Rinse the rice three or four times in cool water. 1 tbsp black glutinous rice; When raw, it is actually black in colour, and is sometimes also referred to as black rice, but when cooked it turns a deep purple, the colour of eggplant or kidney beans.