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Itx Vs Atx. Having built a number of itx pc’s this question doesn’t actually make sense. Atx boards have more pci slots than itx boards.

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As a result of having more pcie slots, the atx motherboard is longer. Before going to discuss their specs and features, let’s have a look at their sizes. Atx vs micro atx vs mini itx size (image credit:

Most Of These Motherboards Are Used In.

When talking about micro atx vs mini itx, the first thing need to compare is their size. 305×244 mm or 12.0” x 9.6”. The micro atx version has a smaller footprint than the mini itx, though.

The Atx Motherboard Has Dimensions Of 12″ X 9.6″, The Micro Atx Motherboard Has Dimensions Of 9.6″ X 9.6″, And The Mini Itx Motherboard Has Dimensions Of 6.7″ X 6.7″.

Here is the number of pci slots that come with these motherboards. 6.7” x 6.7” inches / 170 x 170mm. They both have the same dimensions, which is 6.7 x 6.7 inches (17cm x 17cm).

The Advantage Of An Itx Is That It Is More Compatible With Small Form Factor Cases.

That said, a mini itx motherboard can only accommodate up to 32 gb of ram if a 2×16 gb kit is installed. An atx board generally comes with three pci slots, while an itx only has one slot. And in case you want to know, the power supply is the same for both.

While Atx And Micro Atx Motherboards Can Both Support Up To Four Ram Modules, The Mini Itx Can Only Support Two.

These motherboards differ only in their length. “small form factor motherboard” is the common term for any motherboard below a certain size. Therefore, more pcie cards can be installed on it.

Atx Motherboards Are Great For Those People Who Are Willing To Spend A Decent Amount Of Money.

Atx and micro atx, on the other hand, can support twice as much memory. 244 x 244mm or 9.6” x 9.6”. This means less space for additions such as graphics, sound, capture, and network cards.