Indian Ringneck Mutations Chart

Indian Ringneck Mutations Chart. This one lists all the mutations and has pictures. Budgerigar) but this has not been conclusively proven for the indian ringnecked parrot.

Rare Mutation Ringnecks
Rare Mutation Ringnecks from

The mutation was appropriately given its name, as it has a pure yellow head from the ring line up. We have kept and bred many of the mutations of indian ringneck parrots. From yellows, blues and greys in 2002 to cleartails and opalines currently available.

Ringnecks Are Available In Shades Ranging From Bright Yellows, Greens, And Blues, To Albinos, Cinnamons, And Lutinos.

On the photos i have given the new name as well as the old or commonly known name of each colour. Mode visual splits to visual splits to; Please check here for availability.

This Breed Has Become So Popular Because Of The Many Colors That Are Being Developed.

Then there are all the mutation combinations. Eg albino is the sex linked lutino combined with the recessive blue. Examine the neck of the indian ring neck.

Though The Color Mutations Are Common, The Typical Coloring Of This Species Is Bright Lime Green With Blue Tail Feathers And Yellow Under The Wings.

These are some of the indian ringneck mutations i am working with. The dark factor gene (responsible for the 3 shades of each colour) is a partial dominant gene. This ensures that the mutations remain healthy, vigorous and fertile, but most importantly conform to the standard of the original normal bird.

Not Only Is It Imperative That The Original Bird Be Maintained For The Species Sake, But For The Fact That Many Of The Mutations, Especially The Newer Ones, Must Be Bred Back Through Good Normals.

Primary mutations are genetic building blocks. Indian ringneck birds & mutations. Indian ringneck growth guide august 31, 2018 august 31, 2018 / feistyfeathers keep in mind when viewing the weights that sometimes the crop is.

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I found these sites to be quite useful to get started. Green is dominant over aqua and turquoise and blue. The mutation was appropriately given its name, as it has a pure yellow head from the ring line up.