How To Draw An Ostrich

How To Draw An Ostrich. Add more curved lines for feathers on the head, neck, wing, and tail. Then draw the head and long thin neck.

Download premium vector of Illustration drawing style of ostrich 265445
Download premium vector of Illustration drawing style of ostrich 265445 from

(step 4) draw wiggly lines. This bird has a circular head, eyes, and long beak. ? post your artwork to:

Draw The Neck The Ostrich Has A Feathery Long Neck.

Step 1 start by drawing the eye and head of your ostrich in pencil. Draw small ovals for the toenails on the front and back toes. (step 3) draw a letter “v”, ovals, and a curved line.

Add Curved Lines For Feathers Around The Neck And On The Back Wing, Upper Legs, And Tail.

First, draw a circular feather on the left side of its body. 1 pinterest twitter facebook reddit. Put pupils in the eyes.

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? post your artwork to: Add the head, eyes, and beak after that, draw the eyes, neck, and beak. Always draw the construction line very light.

Draw An Oval For Feathers Where The Neck Meets The Body, And Add A Shape For The Wing.

Head, neck and body 2. 1 pinterest twitter facebook reddit. Hello,,,today, we are learning ostrich drawing tutorial for preschool learn how to draw the easy, step by step, while having fun and building skills.

Draw A Rounded Triangle With A Line Across And A Tiny Circle On The Right Side Of The Bill.

You can draw your own different style tail but always follow the real ostrich. Trace with a pen 1. Step 2 next add the neck.