H Color Diamond

H Color Diamond. Licensed under cc by 2.0. Red stones are the most rare of the fancy colored diamonds.

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The customer looking for a white diamond without a distracting color shade, but also a higher cut, color and/or clarity, should choose the g or h colored diamond. The faint yellow tone of h color grade diamonds is only visible in direct comparison to a better grade diamond. It has the benefit of appearing extremely colorless to viewers in normal wear, without commanding a high premium.

How A H Diamond Looks Like In A White Gold/Platinum Setting This 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring In 14K White Gold From Jamesallen.com Features A 0.616Ct H Vs2 Round Diamond.

Red stones are the most rare of the fancy colored diamonds. Naturally occurring diamond colors include gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, olive, pink, purple, brown, and black. H color diamonds offer excellent value in terms of beauty and price.

Carrying Out A Similar Search On James Allen’s For An H Color Grade Stone, Resulted In 54 Diamonds With A Price Ranging From $6K (This Diamond) And $6.9K (This One).

H color is at the higher end of the “ near colorless ” color range. Even in larger sizes, h color diamonds appear free of color, offering tremendous value for money, and making them a popular choice for the budget conscious shopper. Almost all diamonds that come in the near colorless range possess some kind of yellow which is due.

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H color diamond price range. An i color diamond is typically viewed as the sweet spot where buyers can maximize the icy white look of the diamond while buying at a much lower price point than an h color diamond (typically between 10% and 15% less expensive). When worn on the finger and viewed casually, it’s extremely hard to see color differences.

Yet, The Diamond With The Yellow Undertone Will Be More Expensive Since There Is.

All 3 diamonds have identical carat, clarity and cut specifications. Frequently made of gold, 18k gold and white gold, this item was constructed with great care. They appear white to the untrained eye and the only way to tell the difference with higher color grades is to compare them side by side.

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G and h colored diamonds are generally colored premium blend of value and quality. Take a look at the gia color scale as shown below. Compared to the g color.