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Customer Care Memes. 5 minutes until shift ends ya’ll got any more o’ dem calls 1000 ppl call centhor agent didn’t get verbally abused finishes his workshift hold on a second sir i bet you were just about to head home i can’t 21 funny customer service memes.

That Customer Service Feeling
That Customer Service Feeling from

Customer service meme generator the fastest meme generator on the planet. So, if you’ve worked in customer service for quite some time, you have no choice but to develop thick skin. Grinch via facebook/customer service memes.

What Customers Really Want Is To Speak To An Agent Right Away.

The following meme represents 99% of customer service work. 1 via runt of the web advertisement 2 Most people working in call centers really hate their jobs and usually are still working there because they have no other choice.

In Fact, Callers Say It.

17 customer service memes that'll make you hate humanity most of us have had to work terrible customer service jobs at some point just to make ends meet. 21 funny customer service memes. Mom funny funny things funny pics customer service… humor retro georg christoph lichtenberg haha hate my job dump a day

36 Customer Service Memes That Prove It’s Torture With A Paycheck For Many, Picking That First Job Comes Down To Choosing One Of Two Different Hells:

13 customer support memes to keep a smile on your face what did customers say about me today, hmm? Look on my nametag, ye mighty, and despair! In retail, it typically doesn’t take long for angry customers to start, uh, unburdening themselves.

This Week’s Career Memes Pay Tribute To Those Professionals.

Customer service meme generator the fastest meme generator on the planet. Art of the empty hand. Or the person who got their testicle trapped in a piece of ikea furniture.

15 Funny Call Center Memes To Show Why Agents Hate Their Work.

Sorry “karens,” these customer service memes aren’t for you (34 memes) it’s often said that everyone should work a customer service job at some point in their lives, if only to appreciate the other side of the consumer experience. Try your best not to cry scrolling through these, we almost made it halfway. Just a friendly reminder to be kind to retail workers and all other customer service related positions this holiday season (and always).