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Chaotic Sword God Fandom. For a full list of unlocked weapons of this category please visit the weapons page. Ares had the blades made for a servant who would prove worthy of being in his service.

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Moreover, unlike the other eleven, who had been replaced from time to time, chaos. Since chaos, like nikkou, is now nothing more than a talking sword, in order to fight the dark lords and the demon king, he needs a wielder. Rise of the undead legion

Unlike The Sword Of Heroes Escude, Chaos And Nikkou Can Temporarily Shatter The.

Massive wars, life adancement, entering godhood, sword reaching the peak; The goddess of chaos is the god that governs chaos, in effect maintaining the order of the world. Despite the weapon appearing as an ordinary straight longsword throughout the comics, the cover page of issue 3 depicts the sword as a.

Brutus Is Known As The Sole Guardian Of The World, Holding It In Balance And Minimizing The Unstoppable Chaos That Once Planned To Consume It.

His skill with the sword went beyond perfection and was undefeatable in battle, after a battle with the exceptional expert dugu qiubai who had gone missing over a hundred years ago, jian chen succumbed to his injuries and died. First mentioned in chapter 2334 when shi feng and sinned heart's fleet entered the chaos sea onboard the crimson dragon flying ship. Shangguan aojian is the son of jian chen and shangguan mu.

The Sword Was Awarded To Him By His Superiors For Demonstrating Unmatched Strength And Bravery In Countless Battles.

Brown hair, silver hair neither arrogant nor servile, qin nan. Now they are separated by a floor between them. It sucks the life out of those it cuts, and is fully activated by those of an immortal bloodline.

He Practiced A Chaotic Body To A Great Length In The Lower Realms That Did Not Accommodate It, He Surpassed The Expectations Of Others Constantly And Became Unsurpassed In The History Of The Continent.

Beautiful when she was introduced, she was an aide for nine dragons emperor and had assisted him in contacting the war dragon legion. Punished by his sect and lover, which leads to him having the lucky opportunity of meeting the ancestor of the qin family. She is part of the ten strongest gods.

This Was Also Precisely The Reason That He Had Secured His Position As One Of The Twelve Sacred Elementalists.

Qin nan was the young. The sword has many pointy parts to slice the enemy with more effectiveness and, as mentioned above, it's double edged. The chaosium sword (邪神剣, jashinken;