C2383 Transistor Pinout

C2383 Transistor Pinout. Classification of h fe the 2sc2383 transistor can have a current gain of 60 to 320. C1005 ⇒ 2sc1413 2sd380 bu207.

Transistor C2383 160V 1A TO92 NPN Chất Lượng Cao 3M Linh Kiện Điện
Transistor C2383 160V 1A TO92 NPN Chất Lượng Cao 3M Linh Kiện Điện from chotroihn.vn

C1005 ⇒ 2sc1413 2sd380 bu207. The bc337 is an npn transistor with a maximum gain of 630, commonly used in low power audio applications. Toshiba transistor silicon npn epitaxial type (pct process).

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C1004 ⇒ 2sc1167 2sd1095 bu204. C1004a ⇒ 2sd575 2sd818 bu205. Www.onsemi.com marking diagram to−92 3 lf case 135am a = assembly code c2383 = device code x = o / y yww = date code.

Grozzart Tip41 Tip42 Amplifier Circuit.

Toshiba transistor silicon npn epitaxial type (pct process) , c2383 pdf download toshiba, c2383 datasheet pdf, pinouts, data sheet, equivalent, schematic, cross reference, obsolete, circuits Table of c series transistor equivalents. The collector current of the transistor is 150ma therefore it can drive any load below the 150ma limit.

Toshiba Transistor Silicon Npn Epitaxial Type (Pct Process).

Tip42c features highest load voltage from all. It is designed for audio frequency amplification and high frequency osc. C2228 transistor bjt npn 160v 50ma 0 75w to 92l.

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Identify transistor pin outhi friends in this video i am going to talk about npn and pnp transistor their pins and how to identify their pin configuration.i. C1005a ⇒ 2sd380 2sd792 bu208. Lest see a diagram of the pinout.

Pinout Of 2Sc2383 Here Is An Image Showing The Pin Diagram Of The This Transistor.

The c2383 transistor has a current gain anyplace among 60 and 320. Pinout of the 2sc2383 transistor, marking c2383. Nó tương ứng với transistor a1013 trong thiết kế.