Brittleness Example

Brittleness Example. At 1.60% for gas and water mains in spite of the gravity of the disasters. Cold a brittle selfish person.

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Report an example sentence to the collins team. Sharp the brittle staccato of snare drums. Most of the materials that have brittleness are normally ceramics, glass and cold metals.

Mechanical Characteristics Of Polymers Can Be Sensitive To Temperature Changes Near Room Temperatures.

Glasses, crystal and any solid that breaks easily. They may behave like a glass at low temperatures (the glassy region), a rubbery solid at intermediate. In materials science, brittleness is understood as the lack of ductility.

For Example, As We Know, Materials Are More Brittle At Lower Temperatures.

The most relatable example of a brittle material would be glass. Lacking warmth, depth, or generosity of spirit : Cold a brittle selfish person.

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Read more… accents refined to. Brittleness is a significant property considered in product design and the research and development of materials. Affected with or being a form of type 1 diabetes.

Therefore, It Is A Crucial Topic In The Marine Industry.

The quality of being brittle 2. This can be problematic for steels with a high ferrite content. A coating may appear flexible at 70°f, yet will crack badly when tested at 0°f.

Brittleness Example Sentences Trends Definition Of 'Brittleness' Word Frequency Brittleness In British English (ˈBrɪtəlnɪs ) Noun 1.

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