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Avery Harry Potter. After graduating from hogwarts, he became a death eater. Avery vorse gryffindor 12 years old 30,6 cm beech wood and phoenix feather first year patnronus:

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This page is a stub. He has two sons, each of a marriage. He fought in several battles during the first wizarding war.

Avery Is The Surname That Can Refer To:

Caius notices a faint beauty. Mulciber and avery were slytherin students in lily’s and james’s time. Natalie mcdonald (topi seleksi) nigel wolpert (muncul dalam harry potter dan piala api.

After Graduating From Hogwarts, He Became A Death Eater.

He was believed to have ‘wormed his way out of trouble’ following voldemort’s first defeat, by claiming to have been acting under the imperius curse. He also has been trying to help voldemort get the prophecy throughout this year. They were friends with snape and fellow death eaters.

None Human Avery Was Born In The United States On June 23, 1010, Before Moving To Her Parent's Hometown Galway, Ireland When She Was Five Years Old.

Caius is unaware of his squib aunt margaret meadowes exists until his sixth year when he becomes partner with her daughter dorcas meadowes. Avery hawksworth, a chaser on the english national quidditch team. Harry potter 3 firecrab glitch;

He Fought In Several Battles During The First Wizarding War.

2 tahun di bawah harry. He is a death eater who follows lord voldemort. Notable members of this family include the death eater avery who attended hogwarts with severus snape and another man named avery who attended hogwarts with tom riddle

This Page Is A Stub.

1926) was a wizard and a slytherin student at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Lestrange, i want your essay by tomorrow or it's detention. They belonged to the death eaters tasked with luring harry to the department of mystery to retrieve the prophecy about him, after it became clear that only harry could retrieve that prophecy.