Ab Ukulele Chord

Ab Ukulele Chord. Major + has diminished 5th (r´+ b5) E/ab ukulele chord e/ab for ukulele has the notes e ab b and can be played 3 different ways.

Ab Ukulele Chords ADFB Ab, Abm, Ab6, Ab7, Ab9, Ab7/9, Abm6, Abm7
Ab Ukulele Chords ADFB Ab, Abm, Ab6, Ab7, Ab9, Ab7/9, Abm6, Abm7 from www.ukuleleweb.com

This is the most common voicing of the ab guitar chord. Maj dim 7 11 other notations: Learn guitar/ukulele chords by tone:

A♭ 8Fr 1 4 Eb Ab C Ab.

R = ab ab + minor interval = b (scale degree = minor 3rd) b + major interval = eb (scale degree = 5th) abm on other instruments: Maj dim 7 b9 other notations: Abm (33.9%), ab7 (2.4%), abm7 (2.4%), ab7sus4 (1.6%), abmaj7 (0.8%),

A C E Ab (R M3 5 7) Chord Categories:

The index is placed at the first fret of the g string and the middle finger rests at the second fret of the e string. Ab ( t ), b ( 3m ), eb ( 5j ), formula : Basic major triad major chord :

G Ab B Db Gb (R M2 3 B5 7) Chord Categories:

Ab c eb (r 3 5) related chords: Minor chord (r,m3,5) + 7 (major interval on the 7th) amaj7(#9)\ab on other instruments: Ab piano ab guitar ab ukulele ab mandolin ab banjo

E/Ab Chord On This Page:

C#6/9 bbm11 db6/9 a#m11 fm11#5 db6/9/f bbm11/f c#6/9/f a#m11/f a#m11/d# db6/9/ab chord categories: Learn how to play the ab chord on the ukulele. Major chords minor chords diminished chords augmented chords 7th chords 6th chords 9th chords 11th chords 13th chords suspended chords.

Ab Is The Same Chord As G# (G Sharp).

A♭ 6fr 2 3 4 1 eb ab c eb. Ab b eb (r m3 5) related chords: Chord has minor third (r + m3)